Controls and programmers

controls and programmersYou can replace an old boiler, but your customer won’t reap the benefits if the heating controls are unsuitable or out of date. Even the latest state of the art condensing boilers lose efficiency with the wrong controls and programmers.

Yes, that’s right, fitting the right controls could help reduce heating and hot water bills – by up to 30%! However, in spite of this, a massive 8 million UK homes have no heating control systems.

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How can your customers benefit with the right controls?

See how much the Energy Saving Trust says people could save by updating their heating and hot water thermostat controls.


Advice for installers

Part L of the Building Regulations now covers domestic heating controls. So, it’s important to note that a heating control upgrade including a temperature control/thermostat, and a timer is now compulsory when installing a new boiler.


We stock a variety of top quality products from the top manufacturers to suit all pockets

heating timersOur many years of experience mean that we can advise people in the trade on the best heating controls to suit all budgets and the needs of each individual system. There is a huge range of products available, from simple controls to more sophisticated systems. However, they can all help your customers to save money, improve their energy efficiency and keep their homes warm. Naturally, we ship these swiftly so you don’t keep your customers waiting!

We now stock portable wireless room thermostats that let people heat the rooms they are using. Timers allow homes and businesses to get heat when they need it, so they are not burning money by leaving their heating on when they aren’t using the premises.





Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

TRVThese are simple, effective and a perfect starting point. You can fit these to all radiators to give total control over the heat output in every room of any building. Why should your customers waste money and energy heating rooms that are not in use?

You may like to explain to customers and clients that TRVs aren’t the same as manual valves, because they are designed to sense the temperature of the air surrounding the radiator to which they have been fitted. So, this means they can control the temperature and turn the radiator on and off, as is appropriate.


Explaining the benefits of TRVs to your customers

TRVs are so simple, yet they could save more money than you’d think. Data on the effectiveness of TRVs and heating controls has recently been released by the Association of Controls Manufacturers (TACMA). They estimate that people could save up to 40% per year on their heating and hot water bills simply by installing and using TRVs and room thermostats. These savings equate to homeowners saving up to £409.86 per year and the initial outlay of the installation costs can be recouped in just 15 months.


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