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bathroom suppliesPerhaps you’re a local plumber looking for an eco-friendly shower head, or a replacement tap for your customer? On the other hand, you may be a large-scale operation fitting a series of entire new bathroom suites. Whatever your requirements are, we’re on hand to help with friendly expert advice and prompt delivery.

In fact, we’re experts in advising the trade on the best products for any aspect of fitting bathrooms. So, this means you can find all the bathroom fixtures and fittings needed for a professional and straightforward installation. Furthermore, we can deliver these products to you in a timely fashion, so you can keep your clients and customers happy!

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Form & Function

We understand how important looks are when it comes to people’s homes and nobody wants an ugly bathroom suite! However, we have a huge range of 3 piece suites to choose from!


Smaller bathrooms – be armed with advice!

small bathroomTradesmen often tell us that their customers and clients want to know how they can get the most out of their small bathrooms. Whilst it’s true that you may have to think a little more creatively when it comes to layout, we stock and supply a range of supplies specifically designed for small bathrooms. This means you can maximise the amount of space you have and still install a great looking bathroom.

We stock a range of products designed to make the smaller bathroom feel less cluttered. These include a range of compact contemporary bathroom suites and fittings that have been designed to hide unsightly pipe work. The result is sleek and modern and it helps create the illusion of a larger room.

Many people love the larger, more ornate fittings and fixtures, however, it’s best to advise people to stick to smaller, simple and more elegant ones, to minimise clutter.

Sanitary ware is constantly advancing and being improved. CHS makes a point of keeping up with the latest products. So, we have a full range of quality toilets, basins, bathtubs and shower cubicles at competitive prices, and there is something for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.


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Our quality space-saving products for smaller bathrooms

smaller bathroomThose who are lucky enough to have huge bathrooms can opt for free standing bath tubs and walk in showers. However, most of us in the trade find ourselves dealing with small bathrooms!

Fortunately, we stock and supply a range of products specifically designed for small bathrooms such as space-saving corner basins. If you are fitting a smaller bathroom, it is worth bearing in mind that shower enclosures take up much less space than a bath tub would.

So, CHS Supplies stocks a range of suitable options, which include corner cubicles that can be tucked easily into small spaces. You’ll also find a range of cubicles available with in-slide and bi-fold doors that can give you easy access when space is restricted.

Of course, it is also possible to combine a shower and bath. We can advise you on the best bath/shower mixers to suit your customer’s requirements. We stock eco-friendly shower heads which may appeal to customers and clients on water meters.

In fact, you can even fit a shower unit over your bath tub. CHS also stocks a range of space saving P-Shaped bath tubs which come with tapered sides to give you even more floor space. So, whether you are dealing with a domestic or commercial customer, you can reassure them that they can have a stylish and fully functional small bathroom!


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